tldr; my search for any information about this thing is coming up empty, so I'm wondering if anyone here knows anything about it.


My wife was helping her grandmother clean out her attic today. She knows I love vintage computers, and her grandfather was a computer nut back in the '70s and '80s. I guess he worked for Word Perfect in the mid-'80s. She brought me back a large magnetic disc platter, a Sharp PC-5000, a Timex Sinclair 1000, and this... thing. Here's what I know about it:

There's a plaque to the right of the display that reads:
Tel-It Computer
Series 5000
Energy Technology Inc.

And a sticker on the bottom that reads:
California Technology International
2990 Gordon Avenue, Santa Clara, CA 95051
Model No. 1032-A
Serial No. 1488
Made in USA

I also have an instruction manual and two different marketing brochures. The instruction manual is very plain, but refers to the computer as model DBM-1. The marketing brochures are 4 pages. The front page of both says "PERSONAL COMPUTER... for the people who need a computer... but are too busy to learn a computer language, and don't ever want to!" which tells me it's basically a PDA. On the back page they list a PO box address in Portland, OR, and the address and phone number of a business called "Comput-It of Hawaii". It also has a copyright date of 1979 by California Technology Inc. (not International... )

The marketing brochure lists the specs as:
32K bytes of RAM
8K bytes of ROM
16 digit, 14 segment gas discharge display
Integrated digital mini-cassette unit

Image of the back of one of the brochures:

I can't find any information about Tel-It, or Energy Technology, or California Technology International. I even tried looking up the address in the Santa Clara tax records, but they say it's not a valid address! Satellite photos make it look like whatever was there in 1979 has been torn down...

Looks like it's missing an attached printer, but there's loads more stuff in my grandmother-in-law's attic, so I asked her family to keep a lookout. I haven't plugged it in or turned it on for fear of blowing the power supply.

My questions are:
Who were "California Technology International"? Why can't I find any information about them?
Does this thing belong in a museum? Or in somebody else's house?

I can take more pictures if anybody else finds this interesting.