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Thread: Mostek Z80 CP/M Computer System from 1979

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maggi#9295 View Post
    Ouch... too bad that he sold it for parts again... another computer lost forever. I would be interested what happened, maybe just some components was broken, but it would take a long time to find that out. Or maybe, because he was so "vague", he made some stupid mistake and doesnt want anyone to know that...
    I also found that someone in this thread also owns the computer:, but there was no response after I left an post in the thread letting them know I could help booting it up, and also no response from a Private Message I send, I dont think he still owns it...
    I got the system from Eric
    It was stolen when someone broke into a storage container for the gold on the edge connectors.
    I found that I had the documentation and software somewhere else, so that has survived
    The disks are in the queue to be read.

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    Thank you so much for uploading the Manuals! I do not want to know how much work it was to scan all thooose pages...
    Its a real shame that it was stolen I assume the theft already scraped the machine...
    I am Interested on what thoose disks are and whats on them, i would love to try them out if they work on my machine. Do you have any more Documentation that isnt on the bitsavers website yet?

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