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Thread: Tektronix 4050E01 ROM Expander - WORKS!

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    Default Tektronix 4050E01 ROM Expander - WORKS!

    I just received a Tektronix 4050E01 ROM Expander - and got it WORKING!

    The instruction manual indicates the ROM Expander with any installed ROM Packs must be plugged into one of the 4051, 4052, or 4051 backpack ROM slots before turning on the Tektronix Graphics System.
    When the Tektronix Graphics System is turned on - a relay in the Expander is powered from the system and is supposed to turn on the ROM Expander.

    The ROM Expander has it's own power supply - so I checked the fuse and made sure the voltage was programmed to 110-120VAC before plugging in a power cord.

    I saw no ROM Expander LEDs when I turned on my 4054A system, and typing the CALL "CLIST" command did not show the Character Generator ROM Pack that I had installed in slot 1 of the eight slot ROM Expander.

    I turned off the system and checked the instruction manual - looks like I need to check the ROM Expander power supply.

    I removed the top cover (four screws on the bottom of the case) and all eight ROM slot edge connectors looked bright and shiny gold.
    However a small metal "U" shaped loop was on top of a couple of the empty slots. I pulled out the metal loop with tweezers.

    Then I removed the power supply cover plate and immediately saw the problem - the power relay was unplugged and sitting on top of the power transformer.
    I plugged the relay into the socket above the power transformer - and then wondered if the metal loop was the clip that held the relay into the socket.
    Sure enough, the loop was the relay mounting clip. I fastened the relay clip.

    I replaced the power supply cover and the ROM Expander cover and plugged it back into the right backpack slot on my 4054A.

    When I turned on the 4054A power I saw the "4052/4054 Mode" LED light and the "Power" LED light!

    I then typed the CALL "CLIST" command and was rewarded with a list of the internal option ROM CALLs, followed by the four ROM PACKs I had installed into the ROM Expander!

    Second photo shows the four ROM Packs I had plugged in - first one is the Character and Symbol ROM Pack, then three Transera ROM Packs.

    The instruction manual showed a BASIC command that would print if you plugged in the Printer Interface ROM Pack - but I don't have one of those.
    The manual said to type a ROM PACK command to see if the Expander slot with the ROM was working - so I typed the commands on the screen above:

    CALL "750SPU"         which returned the firmware version of the Transera Super Utilities ROM Pack
    CALL "741RTC"         which returned the firmware version of the Transera Real Time Clock ROM Pack
    CALL "752ADC"        which returned the firmware version of the Transera Analog to Digital interface ROM Pack
    The fourth ROM Pack that I had plugged into the ROM Expander was the Character and Symbol Generator Pack

    I first typed a CALL "LAFONT", 11 but the following print statement was plain text at the bottom of the screen (there are cursor commands to position the text anywhere - defaults to 0,0 which is the bottom of the display)
    The quick reference card for that cartridge indicated LAFONT is the Alternate font and control characters in the print statement can select main or alternate fonts - default main font.

    The last CALL "LMFONT", 11 selected FONT 11 as main font and the and the last print statement printed some of the Math symbols.

    Yippee! Now I have a place to plug all my ROM cartridges!


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    Default Tektronix 4050E01 ROM Pack photos

    I opened the 4050E01 ROM Pack and took the following photos - the ROM Pack just contains address and data buffers - the system ROMs contain the code to support the 4050E01.

    The circuit board appears to be multilayer: maybe 4-layers?


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