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Thread: Looking for drivers: Synchrome Technologies 4x4 CD-changer on parallel port

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    Default Looking for drivers: Synchrome Technologies 4x4 CD-changer on parallel port

    Hello. I recently acquired an external parallel-port CD-ROM drive to use on one of my small form factor DOS machines. Synchrome Maestro CD-4x4 PC Parallel Port Four Disk External MiniChanger
    It did not come with the driver disk, and there aren't any relevant markings on the case. It did come with the manual, but doesn't have a file list for what's supposed to be on the driver disk.

    This unit has an NEC 4x4 cd-changer in it, with an IDE interface. I already have a driver disk for the drive itself, as I used to have one of those drives internal (without the parallel enclosure) that died years ago. I ought to be able to use any IDE CD-ROM drive in it's place if necessary, but what I need are the drivers for the parallel-IDE interface, since the disk I have was meant for the internal, not external/parallel version of this drive. The parallel-IDE interface has an "OnSpec 90c26" chipset, and I'm looking for DOS drivers.

    Hoping somebody has these, or at least a link to where I can grab them, because Google ain't being terribly helpful.

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    Give the backpack drivers a go just for the hell of it.
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