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Thread: Shugart SA-455 compatible with PCs?

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    Yeah that unit seems to be missing chips... I see some spots are marked spare but there are some 7400 series chips not present. I'm not sure if that's on purpose with expansion RAM not being installed. I certainly would not want to pay anything near what he is asking.

    But it is all kind of moot without a keyboard. Which I may never have.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eudimorphodon View Post
    I apologize for any confusion about the DS numbering. The Gotek I have sitting on my desk it has the select jumpers labeled "0" and "1" which I also dimly recall being the case on some other older floppy drives but that apparently isn't universal. In any case, the important thing is you want it configured as the second, not first, position...

    For a PC, anyway. No idea about a Mindset. I looked up the auction on eBay and it at least does look like it uses Molex connectors for power... probably? Technically the one picture that would settle the question has the plugs kind of out of view.

    (Personally I don't think I'd touch that auction with a ten meter cattle prod, but...)
    Different drive manufacture use different number schemes. As I mentioned this is for the cable with a twist. A direct cable, typical of pre-IBM PCs, would have the first drive as the lowest number and the next drive with the next number. On the PC's, they wanted to be able to use the same drive with no jumper changes in either drive slot. They came up with the twisted cable of the 4 leads. This simplified production. Some newer 3.5 inch drives, that were intended for PCs, didn't even have drive select jumpers. It is all done with the twisted 4 leads.

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    Radio Shack tackled the issue of not wanting people to muck with drive select jumpers by messing with their drives so they respond to *any* drive select signal, and then sold cables with teeth pulled out of the connector at each drive position.

    Technically with both systems you should pull the terminator resistors out of the drive(s) not at the end of the chain so one could question whether there was really a point to it.

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    You can do that with conventional drives by simply installing a jumper for every select--if you buzz the jumpers out on most drives, one end of all jumpers is common, the other ends go directly to the connector drive select pins.


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