So I have a Model 80 with a dead battery and a pile of floppy drives for it, stop me if you've heard this one before All of them have bad capacitors at the least, as they all attempt to read disks and fail, as I get that same familiar failure message in DOS that prompts you to "Retry, Ignore or Fail". I also have a PS/2 caddy-loading CD-ROM drive which is detected in the setup utility, by DOS and gets assigned a drive letter, loads and ejects discs fine, but won't read discs and gives the same typical failure message as the floppy drive.

Ideally I'd like to have the floppy (just one, not all of them. I have a Sony MP-F77W that would make a great repair candidate) and the CD drive back in working order. Is there anyone on here that's good at working with and replacing surface mount components? I tried a couple of times on the two Mitsubishi drives I had and both times I damaged the solder pads.