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Thread: What CF card to get?

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    What CF card to get?
    Any model up to 8GB, I would say. If it's larger, 16-Bit DOS will likely be confused (as well as some FastDisk drivers for Win 3.1x will be confused).
    It's not about partition sizes, but total capacity.If you can't get a smaller card, try to update the BIOS (add LBA support) or do set a manual drive geometry that's within 500MBs (CHS).
    Using "1023" cylinders, "15" heads, "63" sectors should be safe (Just keep in mind that not all BIOSes count the same way - some start counting from 0, some from 1).
    Alternatively, LARGE / E-CHS is also a possibility (8GB max). If nothing helps, a Dynamic Drive Overlay (DDO) might help to fix things..
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    Two bits of advice.

    1. Buy a known brand name.

    2. Stay away from these:

    When I got my first XT-IDE card I tried re-using CF cards that had been used in my son's Nikon and got mixed results. Some could be set up to boot and some not, though all would reliably store files. I wanted something cheap to experiment with and bought 10 CF cards from the seller behind that ebay auction in the above link. Half were supposed to be 1.0G and half were supposed to be 2.0G. Other than the different capacities on the label, they looked and should have behaved the same when plugged into the XT-IDE -> IDE-CF rig but they didn't. Some didn't identify at all. In the case of those that the XT-IDE card could talk to, none of the actual capacities matched the advertised spec. Some were set up for C/H/S and others were LBA. Some of them actually responded with a company name that the XT-IDE card reported on the boot option screen, but out of 10 cards, no two cards reported the same company name.

    Bottom line is that these turned out to be used, over labeled cards with God only knows how many miles on them already.

    The good news is....... They were cheap.
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