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Thread: FYI: Computer Reset liquidation (Dallas, TX)

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    I figure it'll always be possible to fabricate parts for old cars, whereas unless they invent a really amazing 3d process that lets you print off new ICs.. it might be cost prohibitive to create replacements long term. One fellow I was talking to suggested the future of vintage PCs is really in emulation.

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    3d-printing PCB substrates is already a thing, so I wouldn't rule out the possibility that you could combine that with some kind of automated pick robot that could place tiny bare silicon building blocks directly inside a custom package and print the interconnects; that would facilitate things like per-pin voltage shifters fronting FPGAs at greater densities. But a machine like this definitely wouldn't cost $399 or be available to rent at your local library. In theory it *might* be something a service could offer.


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