Hi guys, Ive recently bought the PC2386 and a PC2086 as restoration projects. They're both in a bad way needing lots of TLC. anyone have service manuals for these? Been hunting the net for hours and not found anything.

I've started on the PC2386 already, only got as far as removing power supply to check the capacitors and fit a new power lead. The previous owner had chopped the wires from the keyboard and the AC supply so I'm hoping there wasn't any magic smoke 😦

Can anybody help please? I'd also be interested to know if anybody else has Restored these old AMSTRAD's before?

I can appreciate most may not bother with these machines but I have a soft spot for the PC2386 - I had this one during the 90's, my dad bought it home from work as a surprise. It was one heck of an upgrade to the IBM 5160 & 5170 that I had at the time.