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Thread: Physically small desktop-type computer, with a floppy connector?

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    Quote Originally Posted by exidyboy View Post
    If you feel like elaborating on the toolchain you'll be using under FreeBSD and what you'll be doing with it I would be very interested to know
    There isn't much of a toolchain needed, just fdcontrol and dd. You set the parameters with fdcontrol, then you read (or write) the image from / to to the floppy. I use it to read foreign floppy formats, like ND (Norsk Data) format floppies, see ND floppy disks. The "portable" (or as portable as possible) comes from the fact that I will need to haul this with me to a site to read floppies there. Last time on this site I brought my laptop, a 5.25 inch drive and a FluxEngine plus power supply, cables etc.. Unfortunately, the software for the FluxEngine doesn't grok all ND floppy formats (yet - I have no doubt that it will be fixed in the future) so many of the images captured were corrupt.
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    I've got the Shuttle X bag, but not the shuttle itself.. (the black bag, post #19). I didn't take the Shuttle while I still could, I didn't imagine I would be able to use it for anything. But for this purpose it would have been nice. If I ever get to go to that place with the floppy collection I thought I would actually bring my big tweener machine, which does the job nicely (I use it for that purpose at my desktop). I also have a Kryoflux but I don't trust it. The tweener works perfectly, so I trust that one. If the Shuttle could do it it would have been a nice option.


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