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Thread: Data General Eclipse S/130 Equipment Available

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    Hi everyone, I've come here because I wanted to let someone know that my employer is soon going to be getting rid of some DG equipment, and thought it'd be a waste for it to just end up in the scrap shredder. I wish this were as easy as me being able to coordinate handing this stuff over to whoever wants it, but unfortunately it's far from that simple. I'll try to breifly explain the situation though:

    I can't get into too much detail, but I work at a place that actually still uses DG S/130's on a daily basis. I think it's safe to say that at this point we've probably got one of the biggest collections of working systems and spares around, but lately I'm facing some re-organization here that's brought me to this point. I have to make some space for other stuff, so some of the DG equipment I've been keeping around has to go. All of the items I'm tossing are suspected to be bad or in various states of not working quite right, which is why they're on the chopping block first. I'd give you all much more of an explanation of what's wrong with each item if I could, but I honestly don't know very much about these systems and how they work, certainly not enough to troubleshoot them down to a component level. I wasn't yet born when these systems were new, and never became involved with them until a few years ago, so it's not like I've been able to get any training on them, so please excuse any errors in information below!

    What I'm scrapping is as follows:

    - Eclipse S/130 Chassis (Part #8611-M, Serial #27455-25 from metal plate on rear), with power supply, populated with the following boards (all of which, again, are questionable at best)
    --- CPU 1, part # 107-000261-10/18
    --- CPU 1, part # 107-000261-10/17
    --- CPU 2, part # 107-000657-04/04
    --- Cassette I/O, part # 107-000151-19
    --- Cassette I/O, part # 107-000151-21
    --- MMPUI Mod 2, part # 107-000934-02/03
    --- Comm Basic I/O, part # 107-000613-04 < Quantity of 2
    --- Eclipse SC Mem, part # 107-000858-01
    --- Eclipse SC Mem, part # 107-000858-02/03

    - Eclipse S/130 Expansion Chassis (Part #B5396BC, Serial #40193-44 from metal plate on rear), with power supply, populated with the following boards (again, all questionable)
    --- CPU 1, part # 107-000261-09
    --- CPU 1, part # 107-000261-10/17 < Quantity of 2
    --- CPU 1, part # 107-000261-10/18
    --- CPU 2, part # 107-000657-03
    --- CPU 2, part # 107-000657-04/05 < Quantity of 2
    --- Cassette I/O, part # 107-000151-21
    --- Cassette I/O, part # 107-000151-21/23
    --- MMPUI Mod 2, part # 107-000934-01
    --- Comm Basic I/O, part # 107-000613-04
    --- Something we call a "4040 Board" that has no DG part number, and acts as an interface with the systems our S/130's run

    The way it works for me to dispose of these is that I have to transfer them over to a property manager, who then coordinates the disposal of the item. 99% of the time this sort of stuff ends up on an auction site, I have no control over it once it gets to the property manager, so if anyone here is interested in this stuff I'd keep your eye on that site for the next few weeks/months. Sorry I can't make this easier to get these items out of my hands and into yours, but I've got very little pull around here! I'll try to answer any questions you might have, but again, I have very limited knowledge when it comes to this realm.

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    Interesting to hear about in any case! Where are these things located?
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    Quote Originally Posted by commodorejohn View Post
    Interesting to hear about in any case! Where are these things located?
    We're in the Mid-Atlantic region of the US, if/when they hit the liquidation site they should give a more specific location.

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    Please bump the thread when they get posted, this sort of thing virtually never comes up on govliquidation so it's not on most people's radar and it'd be a shame for it to get missed.


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