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Thread: How do I connect an Amiga 500 up to the modern internet?

  1. Default How do I connect an Amiga 500 up to the modern internet?

    What are my options for connecting up an Amiga 500 directly to the internet and being able to use the 500 on the internet today?
    Thank you

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    While the hardware to get an Amga online already exists, I highly doubt any amiga, much less a 500 that is heavily upgraded will be able to handle much of the web, without HTTPS.
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    Much of the web doesn't matter. Aminet does, provided you have a hard drive. LAN usage is extremely helpful, too. And of course, YAM is still a awesome email client. All the other olde tymey internet services work fine too via Miami. You could even run a web site via PurpleCow.

    I don't know what kind of modern accelerators a available, one might come with Ethernet capability.

    Otherwise, adding an Ethernet card gets hairy: you could add a Bodega Bay, or cobble something together with the Zorro I bus yourself.

    Barring that, CSLIP is your friend (and probably your best bet).

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    Probably, a plipbox device could be the simplest solution for the A500.

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    As mentioned, they aren't much use on the WWW without SSL and modern web browser plug in support (and updated html and javascript).


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