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Thread: IBM 5170 VGA Card Problems

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    Default IBM 5170 VGA Card Problems

    I am currently working on a broken IBM PC AT and I have gotten it to the point that it emits one long beep followed by two short beeps when it is powered on, which I believe means that it encountered an error when initializing the VGA video card. I am using an IBM PS/2 Display Adapter ( in the machine and I do not get a signal when connecting it to a monitor. I have tried reseating the video card in its slot as well as trying it in other slots, but nothing seems to fix the problem. The computer does the exact same thing even when the video card is completely removed from the system. Is there anything else that I can check or do I just need a new VGA card? I have a POST card that I can insert into the machine when I get home if that would help at all.


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    Does that VGA card work OK in another machine?

    Have you configured the machine for EGA/VGA?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stone View Post
    Does that VGA card work OK in another machine?

    Have you configured the machine for EGA/VGA?
    I just tested the card in a Packard Bell 486 and it did not seem to put out a video signal, but maybe that could have something to do with it conflicting with the integrated graphics on the motherboard. Could that be a possibility or is the card just dead?

    What sort of configuration is needed to make a 5170 work with a VGA card? There are no jumpers on the card and the one switch on the motherboard that pertains to video card type can be set in either position for an EGA or VGA card and is only used for CGA and MDA cards.

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