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Thread: Recently purchased Toshiba 440cdt laptop

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    Unhappy Recently purchased Toshiba 440cdt laptop

    I picked up a laptop the other day which was a deal I found online, it's a Toshiba 440cdt. Its a Pentium 133 MHz 32 mb with windows 98 installed, I ran it for about 2 hours. I was preparing boot disks cause I wanted to downgrade to Windows 95. Randlonly, the screen blanked out, and the caps lock began blinking twice ever few seconds,
    I have tried pulling the battery, I changed to another adapter with the same results. I also opened up and disconnected the cmos battery, still no luck. The only thing I did when it was running in the bios was change the boot order.
    I have a feeling this issue may be power related, but I cannot find any documentation about this online. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I would start checking the capacitors on the motherboard and inside the PSU brick.

    Getting inside the PSU brick is a destructive process since they're usually ultrasonically welded together, but you can usually split them without too much damage to the case with a sharp metal paint scraper and a hammer along the seams. Just be sure not to go in too far to avoid damage to the PCB and components. For reassembly, you can either use zip ties or superglue/epoxy around the edges and clamp it together until it sets.

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