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Thread: C64 Case Saver Repair Kit

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    Default C64 Case Saver Repair Kit

    Hopefully, this is OK here. I'm not a 'commercial' Commodore vendor but do offer a few things through my website that are Commodore related.

    After a great deal of trial and error, I came up with a ‘C64 Case Saver’ kit. The kit includes repair parts for the screw posts, PCB standoffs and the three rear tabs on the top case. The post sleeves and PCB standoffs are CNC machined out of natural ABS. The three rear tabs for the top case may be CNC machined or 3D printed. I 3D print these in such a way that the strength lies along the length of the tab, so the business end won’t snap off.

    The screw post repair sleeves are castellated, so they slip right down over the top of the posts. Some posts might be ‘mushroomed’ (smashed a little on top) and require a bit of sanding. The PCB standoffs have a wide base for plenty of gluing area but are narrower at the top so they will fit the holes in the PCB bottom metal shield. The top case rear tabs are designed to self-align to make gluing easier.

    Along the way, I have discovered there are at least 4 different types of tabs used on the rear of the top case. Type 1A tabs are flat with two wide tabs and one narrow tab. Type 1B tabs are flat and all three are wide. Type 2A tabs have a recess with one narrow and two wide tabs. Type 2B cases have slightly larger 7mm (?) screw posts and different tabs. I do not have this case type on hand to measure and make repair parts for. If you are in the USA and have this case type contact me!

    Also included is a good quality #39 drill bit which not only aids in aligning the PCB standoffs but is the correct size to drill out the crew holes in the screw mounting posts is you should need to fill one with epoxy to repair damaged threads!

    Look carefully at the pictures on this page to make sure you are ordering the correct kit for your case. I just added a lower cost method for international shipping. It is about 1/2 the cost for small/light items but is NOT insured.

    Product page:

    Installation video:

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    Update on C64, VIC20, and 64C Case Saver Kits

    In this video, we covered a few new case saver types for the Commodore VIC20, C64, and 64C computers. I hope this will allow folks to repair their vintage cases and keep using them and enjoying them for decades to come.
    In the description below are links to the original installation video and the Case Saver product page. Look for the new repair kits to be added very soon. If you would like I can make it possible to pre-order them. Just let me know.

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    I had someone in Europe who repairs a lot of fo breadbins ask for the top case rear tabs to be available in bulk. I just got that set up on the website. I', calling these 'bulk paks'. These contain 10 sets of 3 tabs of ONE case type. (30 pieces total.)


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