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Thread: Video connector pinout on IBM 3161 terminal

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    Default Video connector pinout on IBM 3161 terminal

    I'm not really sure where to put this, so I'm just going to post it here.

    Basically, I have a monitor that was originally paired with an IBM 3161 terminal. It's an amber/yellow phosphor, and I would really like to get it working with something other than a 3161 terminal. Does anyone know the pinout of this connector, or have access to a 3161 terminal? I would be very interested to know if it is simply a MDA compatible interface on a different connector. It's a DA-15 type connector that normally has a short patch cable running from the terminal box to the monitor. I can't find any pinouts online, or a service manual for the terminal. Any help will be appriciated.

    Here's an image of the green phosphor version of the monitor, taken from wikipedia.

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    From the article on Terminals-wiki:
    This IBM 3161 uses the same CRT used on the IBM 3163, IBM 3191, and IBM 3196 display stations, although only some of these screens have cables with D-Subminiature plugs on both ends.
    Perhaps you have better luck finding info for one of those.

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    Unfortunately no luck. I guess my best bet will be to either buy one of those terminals at Computer Reset purely to probe the connector pinout, or trace where the pins of the connector go inside the monitor.


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