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Thread: Looking for service manual for Zenith Data Systems ZVM-1240 monitor

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    Default Looking for service manual for Zenith Data Systems ZVM-1240 monitor

    After looking for almost two years to get my hands on IBM 5153, i finally found one on flea market. One in a lot of four old displays.
    - IBM 5153, fully working, finally my 5160 will be happy
    - IBM 8513 (PS/2 color VGA), also works,
    - Highscreen HP-548, or better known as Commodore 1081 - works too (A500 likes this),
    - Zenith ZVM-1240-E - Hercules, amber, unfortunately dead.

    At first, magic smoke escaped, this was traced to filter cap (.22uF 280v). No big deal - it should work without this cap. Unfortunately fuse was blown too, after replacing it blew up too.
    PCB has no signs of any damage/corosion/burn marks; overall condition of this monitor is very good. However it's a long time since I last serviced any CRT.
    I see a few mentions of service manual for this model in web, most of them points to scam sites. Found P/N "860-0111-1" on old Packard Bell FTP, but this also leads nowhere.

    Yup, didn't check even capacitors yet (since I have no time for deeper diagnostic now), but I try to at least get prepared for when the time comes.

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    You could try this:

    Don't know how trustworthy this site is. Sometimes they show items they don't actually have.

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    I just pulled the zvm-1240 service manual out of storage
    It will be up on bitsavers under pdf/zenith this afternoon

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    Wow, missed this post somehow. Thank you!
    I'll update topic when I'll get back to this monitor. Currently I worked on resurrecting couple of a bit newer devices

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