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Thread: Free for pickup

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    I have a large qty of old software and documentation that needs a new home.
    I am located in Kerrville, TX, about 1 hour from San Antonio or about 2.5 hours from Austin.
    There is at least enough to fill the bed of a full sized pickup truck.
    I want it gone before Saturday, or it goes in the dumpster.
    No, I do not want to ship it.
    Most of it is for DOS/early Windows/Tandy machines.

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    I assume this was discarded weeks ago?

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    Arag. On this forum one has to give things a bit of time, especially when posts must be approved.

    Also, listing some of the specific titles and/or attaching some photos would have helped determine interest. A hundred used copies of IBM PC-DOS 4.0 can go in the trash, but you might have had someone beating down your door for specific programming titles, uncommon games, or utilities. But nobody is going to do that if they don't know what you have.


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