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Thread: Cassette port for XT-class computer?

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    Default Cassette port for XT-class computer?

    Was there even some ISA/other expansion for XT-class computers, that allowed to use cassette player in similar way like IBM 5150? Even if there not existed Cassette Basic, that can run from floppy and use cassette player, maybe just something that can load program from cassette?
    This is about usual cassettes, not DAT, or that modern ones that hold from hundreds MBs to TB of data.

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    Simple solution - use LPT port with RC-filter. For Micro$oft GWBASIC/BASIC we need hook int 15h, so small TSR program (with source code) can be found here:
    LPT pin description: DATA_0 --> CAS_OUT, DATA_1 --> MOTOR_ON/OFF, ERROR --> CAS_IN.
    For save BASIC program type: SAVE “CAS1:FILENAME”, for load: LOAD “CAS1:”

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