After get a Nimbus at a reasonable price, I finally bit the bullet, accepted this was going to cost me and nabbed this one from eBay. Very early model before RM had the new branding and with the unusual floppy drives with the eject buttons on the bottom. It sustained a small crack on the floppy surround during transit but otherwise survived UPS shipping unscathed, including the monitor.

Will still be on the lookout for an official RM colour monitor for it (although the generic composite green screen display supplied will be useful for a lot of other things) and also a mouse (and also a fully populated drive controller card so I can investigate adding a hard drive) but really pleased with the condition. Crack aside, it's pretty much mint (although the keys have yellowed a bit).

Sadly no exciting software with it, just the standard MS-DOS 3.1, Welcome, Basic and Logo disks which are knocking about everywhere. Although it did come with Wordstar which identifies itself as a Nimbus version and runs directly without needing to switch to IBM compatibility mode, not sure I've seen that before.

Might as well ask this again, since I do every time the Nimbus comes up - does anyone have a copy of Caxton Press (a newspaper layout DTP program) or Sketch (a drawing program, not to be confused with Autosketch which is an entirely different program)?