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Thread: How rare are 1581 drives?

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    Default How rare are 1581 drives?

    I've had one of these for awhile, picked it up off of ebay about 8 or 9 years ago brand new in the box. I never gave it much thought, and never used it much after I got my 1571, but recently I've heard some people saying they are pretty rare. I wasn't aware that they were terribly uncommon.

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    They are getting there. I would imagine that there's probably 10 1571s made for every 1581. I just sold one on Ebay for $350, and that's starting at $1. I love them, especially for GEOS, but I had too many, so I'm letting a couple go.
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    They weren't even all that common when they were new. Not a lot of software came on 3.5", and most of the fastloaders don't support them.
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