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Thread: PDQ-3 Computer used on Hunter TV show

  1. Default PDQ-3 Computer used on Hunter TV show

    I was watching Hunter last night on Hulu and one of the officers was using a PDQ-3 to look up a perp for Hunter.
    It sat in his desk and looked cool. It was the time when as a kid I would watch TV shows like Hunter and wish I had access to professional computers like this one.
    Any info on it?

    This is all I could find.
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    Looks like a re-badged C. Itoh CIT-101.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Moonferret View Post
    Looks like a re-badged C. Itoh CIT-101.

    Isnít that a rebadged terminal? Maybe the system shipped with terminals.

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    Just ran across this post and wanted to let you know that I have the full story of the PDQ-3 computer use in the TV shows of "Hunter", "Riptide", "A Team", "Hardcastle and Mc Comick", "Automan (first series)", "Stingray", "Airwolf", etc and Movies "I married a Centerfold" and "Invitation to Hell" TV movies. a total of over 100 series and TV Movies. I will sit down and summaries and produce a history of doomed UCSD Pascal Computer and its time in the sun in Hollywood. If you have any specific questions, please feel free to ask before I lose my mind or get hit by a truck.

    Neil Williams


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