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Thread: MonochromeVGA for sale

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    Post MonochromeVGA for sale

    I do not know if it is the most suitable place to show this product that I have designed but I thought so, because somehow it is linked with our old monochrome monitors

    The price is 9.95$ in kit or 13.95$ fully assembled.

    I ship it to everyworld for 2.95$ without tracking code or 6.50$ with tracking code.

    MonochromeVGA is a product to enjoy the charm of those monochrome monitors of the time but in the current video systems, and more specifically in your PC monitor. Although it could be connected to any TV, monitor or video system that has VGA inputs.

    More info in hackaday:

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    Now discounted for the latest units of the PRO version and back in stock of Basic version, with improvements over the previous batch.

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    Posted in Hackster. It includes gerbers, scheme and board (Eagle). BOM also lists links to purchase them. Everything is published under the GPL3+ license:

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