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Thread: Rufus alternatives?

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    Default Rufus alternatives?

    Recommend me any other bootable USB maker programs to install Windows 7? My image of Windows 7 won't fit on a DVD due to the Windows updates I put on it. Some are for hardware support so that why I need the updates present.

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    Use a USB flash drive? That's the primary purpose of rufus, to make bootable USB sticks, not to burn ISO images to DVD.

    Also, are you using DVD-5 or DVD-9? If the ISO is too big to fit on a standard 4.7 GB DVD, just use a dual layer DVD which can hold up to 8.5 GB.

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    Yeah, a bit confused on this. I think he was asking for a Rufus alternative to burn an iso onto a USB stick, but then i'm not sure why unless theres some reason not to use Rufus?

    Anyway, two other tools would be Win32DiskImager or Etcher.
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    ISO files can be made bootable on a USB flash drive or be burned to a DVD. I want to put my big ISO onto a USB flash drive because it is too big to fit on a regular DVD and dual layer DVD discs are known to be prone to becoming bad burns.

    Rufus is being weird on every flash drive I test it on. I've tried various older and newer versions of Rufus, as well as multiple different Windows ISOs... Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8.1. So Rufus would appear to create the bootable USB just fine, but when I try to eject the USB flash drive using the safe removal method, Windows says the drive is in use. In the past I've used bootable Linux USB creator software in Windows to make various Linux distros boot on systems and I've never had this problem. I don't know what Rufus is doing in the background that won't let me eject the flash drive, so I want to try alternative software just to be safe from potential software bugs with Rufus. The Microsoft store edition of the Windows USB disk maker won't work for me because it is a modified ISO I created with Windows updates, NET framework, and C++ 2008, extra hardware drivers, and other various goodies. Genuine ISO, but customized the way I like. Windows USB disk maker won't create the USB for me because of the modifications. So I need the right software.
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