Well, this happened. This was the crown jewel of that estate I cleaned out a couple weeks ago. Barely made a dent in the pile, but had to post this up.

Sadly, it'll need a full restoration. Mice have been living in it for DECADES... and their pee/poo turned to a hard brown tar sludge. What a mess.

I know -nothing- about S100 systems, but looks like she's pretty loaded.

Punch tapes are very cool. I've never held something like this before.

I did find a Royal punch tape machine as well, not sure if that's what they were using with this system.

Also found a TON of old paper ephemera. Every issue of Computer Notes from Vol1 Issue1 April 1975 on. Byte magazine. You name it.

The machine is NOT for sale. I will be selling anything that was not original to the system however as I want it to be as it came from the factory (aside from being a kit that is!).

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