A friend of mine is trying to go through the mountain of beige boxes that have accumulated in the shop and I'm listing them on my eBay account for him since I've got a lot more feedback as a seller. These machines aren't what I'd consider strictly vintage, there will be machines in the P3/P4 era as well as stuff going back to the 386/486 era. All of these machines are being fixed up in my shop, using the supply of legacy components I've got on hand. I'm doing final test on all of them. We're going for the tweener/basic Win9x gaming setups with the current batch.

If you want something specific made up, PM me, he's got a ton of machines to go through so building up custom configurations is no problem. Anything from custom DOS or Win9x gaming machines through "tweener" boxes that will handle single-density 8" floppy imaging/writing!

All machines shipping with a non open source OS will have a valid COA sticker or manual included.

I will continue updating this thread instead of spamming the forums with a bunch of different threads. Prices are based on completed eBay listings and guessing Feel free to make an offer. Local pick-up is welcome.

First listing: Dell OptiPlex GX110, 800 MHz P3, Win98SE: https://www.ebay.com/itm/273892176791