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Thread: Lear Siegler ADM 3A Terminal - Raspberry PI

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    Default Lear Siegler ADM 3A Terminal - Raspberry PI

    Lear Siegler ADM 3A modernized and connected to Raspberry PI via RS-232

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    What about the terminal was modified? Or is it just connected to the Raspberry Pi?

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    What's done to it:
    -Disassembled, thoroughly cleaned
    -Painted top bright white (bottom remains dark brown)
    -Removed all keys and retro whited them to get brighter letters
    -Covered dip switch plate with white printed decal
    -Added switch to the motherboard to eliminate column 72 beep
    -Added lower case rom (from another motherboard).

    Here's before photo, and new pictures of the keyboard

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    Cool. Mine is blue. A few of the keys are sticky, it doesn't have lower case, and I'm missing the cover for the option DIP switches that you have. I need to get me one of those. The display on mine is perfect and white phosphor.

    It was gifted to me by one of my former co-workers who assembled the kit himself back in the day!

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    I have a blue one I really want to get working to do exactly that! Looks great! Did they all have lowercase?

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    Hey thanks for the kind words everybody! Absolutely my favorite "vintage device" at the moment. There's a lot you can do with PI/debian and scripts, even at 9600 baud. I ended up buying two of them, one for parts to get the lowercase ROM. It's was an option for the 3A back in the day, and I'd say 50% or less had it. Really easy to install, 2 RAM chips, 1 ROM chips, and set a dip switch. There's a great document online about how to identify lower case ROM and install it:


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