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Thread: IBM Displaywriter printer cable pinouts

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    Default IBM Displaywriter printer cable pinouts

    Can anyone help with any information on printer connection pinouts of an Displaywriter? (6580). I finally got an IBM 5218 printer, which I would like to connect to the system, but it is missing a cable. Simple straight -through or nullmodem DB9 cables are not working, and I have already destroyed a Displaywriter's power supply by trying to guess the correct pins by measuring resistances/voltage between different pins, and adjusting the cable.


    The result - 5V power supply in a Displaywriter's PSU is dead. Fortunately I had a parts machine which I was able to take a PSU board from, and Displaywriter works, but I do not have any spare boards left, so no place for errors as well - below - testing the PSU from the parts machine:


    The only information I have found online is the configuration of IBM 5218 printer port pins:

    printer cable.png

    I know it is a very small chance, maybe someone has an IBM Displaywriter printer cable for sale?

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    You could try a wanted ad in the for sale/wanted section. Also CCTALK/CCTECH list. (google it)

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    Never had my hands on the printer part of a Displaywriter system so not familiar with the cable configuration.

    I'm guessing you've looked at this already? Screen Shot 2019-06-23 at 3.59.03 pm.jpg

    Page from this manual:


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