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Thread: "Recognized Standard" for C64 Assembly Language?

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    I don't think I've reached 10,000 yet on one executable. But sooner or later I likely will. I think my largest ever is somewhere 8000-9000. One of my current projects is only round 7000-8000.

    I abandoned macros and arithmetic many years ago. The gains don't justify the cost. I recently re-implemented arithmetic, but find that I still don't use it out of habit. I'll eventually re-implement macros, but I'm pretty certain I'll use them minimally. It's like plated vias: having to go without them makes one realise how easy it is to get by without them.

    Relocating code during execution on a 6502 is so programmer-dependant that assembler facilities aren't critical.

    I once implemented RPN arithmetic, because I detest parenthesis. I've since scaled back with algebraic expressions that are too simple to need parenthesis.

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