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Thread: Edit/Delete posts?

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    Default Edit/Delete posts?

    Sometimes I have found that I want to edit a post (e.g. a spelling mistake, or accidentally left smiles on) but I can't find an edit button. Is editing disabled?
    Same thing with deleting.

    Edit: apparently editing/deleting is not disabled here. Why is it disabled in the for sale section? It would be very helpful to be able to keep one post that lists the stock, and be able to edit it to avoid a long chain of updates.

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    Editing is only allowed for, i think, 15 minutes after a post is made. I believe this was due to some mis-use. It had previously been set for about a day, but that was still a limited time.

    I've seen spammers on other forums make normal looking posts and then use edit features to insert crap after everyone read the post, in order to avoid getting reported as spam.

    So when selling stuff here you just have to keep that in mind. That does mean appending revised lists from time to time.

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    Confirmed. You can make edits in the first 15 minutes. After that, please just post a follow-up reply to the same thread.

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