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Thread: Hard drive I would like to get data off of - tips?

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    I found this strange solution that I've never heard of doing before. What version of Windows are we talking about here? Also what kind of Motherboard is it hooked up to and does it support a 160GB Hard Drive.

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    If Windows recognizes it well enough to assign a driver letter but you can't browse it, check to see what kind of file system it's formatted as. I think the default for an internal drive is NTFS, and in NTFS file permissions are a thing. You might also be able to get more information about how the drive is set up in the Disk Management console (you can get to it via Computer Management).

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    I use testdisk (TestDisk?).

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    Fire it up under Linux. It's not going to magically make it work but you'll get actual meaningful diagnostics and see how far the system got into finding it (if at all). There are so many reasons Windows will ignore a drive that are mundane like weird partition tables or security password locks and it's often very hard to get it to tell you *why* it ignored the drive.


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