Hi guys...

First of all I have to admit I don't know much about low level programming.

I'm trying to make a picture slideshow with music for C=64, but the script I dowloaded from the web has some specs about the music .PRG file (it is converted as .DAT file):

init address = $1000
play address =$1003
maximum load range = $3FFF

I've got lots of .PRG files by https://csdb.dk, all of them with begin and play address at $0000.

I've tried to convert the .PRG as .SID with SIDedit, editing the addresses, but the target .SID doesn't work (no sound, I tried with Sidplay). I did lots of tests, without luck.

Is there any (simple to use) PRG editor that allows to change the hex addresses? Or a way to get the result I need?