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Thread: Search for information about floppy drive YD-480 from Y-E DATA

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    Default Search for information about floppy drive YD-480 from Y-E DATA

    The drives YD-380 and YD-580 from Y-E DATA are well known from the IBM/DOS world. But I just bought the 5.25" floppy disk drive YD-480 (Y-E DATA) for very little money. After my first tests with 22DISK and UNIFORM-PC this is a 96 TPI drive with 80 tracks and 2 heads (like TEAC FD55-F). Does anyone have more information, manuals, etc. about this drive? At Google I find no further hints.

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    According to Disk Trends, the YD-480 would be the Quad-Density (720k) counterpart to the YD-380 (high density) and YD-580 with revisions launched at the same time the others were revised. The mechanism is probably identical* to the 380 so unless a 480 manual appears, the 380 manual should suffice.

    * The only changes would be that the 480 is fixed to 300 rpm and defaults to a lower data rate. I can't find a jumper listing for it so it can't easily be modified into working like the 380.

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    That's the kind of thing I was thinking. There is a similar family history with TEAC: 55B (DD) - 55F (QD) - 55GFR (HD).


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