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Thread: Linux on SGI-IP30

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    anyone here?

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    Not sure I see the point. I can understand running freenix on something like the HP 9000 line where the local flavor of *nix is under-developed or locked down with licensing constraints, but IRIX itself is quite usable and the licensing is relatively easy to work around if you know where to look. Putting a modern *nix on there (especially Linux, most flavors of which have bloated substantially in the last 20 years) seems like it's just over-taxing a perfectly nice little vintage machine to get not very much more out of it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by commodorejohn View Post
    Not sure I see the point
    It is subjective, personally, I have some reasons.

    With my team, we have hacked the Octane's PSU for having a current sensor, and a solid-state relay' for unplugging the electricity when the machine is not in use, as well as we have hacked the front-plane for exporting signals { POWERON, RESET, NMI } on a control box. We are also going to add a grid of photo-detectors + short plastic optic fiber for reading the status of the XIO slots (signals cannot be probed directly, it's not safe), and we are building our own USB-display and PCI cards.

    For this part, your own USB-display and PCI cards, you cannot do it with IRIX, because you do not have the source.

    There are no other commercial MIPS4 boards with SMP and PCI64 around. Chinese boards are MIPS64R2, and they only have the ePCI.


    This board is amazing, it comes with LA points, eJtag, you can reflash with a GDB-stub, you can change the CPU module with a MIPS32-r2 @ 200Mhz, and it has the PCI 32bit @ 33Mhz. Unfortunately, there is no SMP CPU module.

    I am using it as a metal bare MIPS platform, mastering the PCI in a wild way. And my team has already ported XINU on it. But it's just one third of the fun offered by an SGI-IP30, because Linux doesn't really run nicely on this board due to a lack of horse-power.
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    Quote Originally Posted by commodorejohn View Post
    and the licensing is relatively easy to work around if you know where to look
    This caused me a lot of troubles on the website I am running because it's technically kind of piracy and you can be sued for this, whereas with Linux, BSD and open source allow you to put everything on a website without any legal problem if you share your work. You just have to respect the *GPL/*BSD license, but this is not a problem.


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