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Thread: WTB: Dead (completely non-functional) HardCard (20 or 40)

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    Responded to your PM; I should have something. If you create CAD/etc. files, please make them publicly available somewhere.
    Will do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trixter View Post
    The older/smaller hardcards (20/40) have drives that seize up because the heads get stuck to the platters. The later/larger hardcards (55/120/xl) have EEPROMs on them that just fade over time until they're blank. Just about every single Plus hardcard I've ever come across is dead.

    So yes, I should have a few -- PM me if you still need one. But I have to ask: What is the value in creating a full-length hardcard? One of the great appeals of the XT-IDE project is that you can fit it into computers that are tight on space. What market are you appealing to?
    Can those EEPROMs be rewritten or replaced?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Exceter View Post
    Even if I get an original ST-225, aren't they running on borrowed time just like all of the other period hard drives?
    ST-225s and ST-251s are some of the most reliable hard disks ever made. I picked up 8 from Computer Reset a few weeks ago, and all of them work flawlessly with perfect bearings. They were so reliable that it was not uncommon to find one still in service in the mid 2000s.
    If you're looking for an old MFM drive, those half height seagates are the way to go.


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