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    I'm a new member and I got into this hobby because I'm trying to preserve a chunk of my childhood. I'm a software engineer who first learned to code on an IBM 5150(at the age of 12) which, sadly, went to the dump when I was a teenager. I currently have a 5150 and I'm trying to outfit it the same as the one I had as a kid(Dual full-height 360k floppy drives and a hardcard).The challenge for me(as it has been for so many) is storage. I currently use an XT-IDE(total life saver) with a DOM but I really want a physical spinner because, to me, the noises are part of the nostalgia. Unfortunately, given the age of the original hardcards they are not reliable, even when you can find one that works. I don't want to sacrifice a full height floppy drive to gain a hard drive and the 5150 has very few expansion slots so I've begun working on designing my own hardcard based on XT-IDE which I would like to be as visually similar to the original hardcard as possible. Wish me luck!


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    My sincere advice is that if there is one thing that continues to break down in 2019 it is old MFM hard drives. I still have a few for sale (here in England) but nobody ever seems to want to buy them, which is a little annoying since I saved them all quite nicely. Personally I swear by the HxC emulator for MFM (not IDE).. I wrote this a while ago

    I think overall you should stick to silicon not spinning physical disk as the latter is so heart breakingly unreliable in this day and age

    regards marcus


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