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Thread: PCjr goes for... $600??

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    Somebody can add as much plastic to the machine as they'd like to. ;-0

    A Racore without the memory card wouldn't actually be the worst thing to happen. It still provides a clock/calendar, a second floppy drive, and optionally DMA. The second floppy drive could be a 360KB 5.25 drive or a 720KB 3.5" drive. Or, it could house a hard drive. (A jrIDE hiding in a Racore expansion sidecar with the hard drive in the upper expansion chassis would be pretty neat. Or hide the hard drive where the Racore memory card would have been and use another solution to get a 2nd floppy drive in there too.)

    Anyway, it's all pretty silly. Sidecars are a terrible expansion mechanism. The IBM 5140 Convertible uses a similar system; a well equipped machine would have a parallel/serial adapter, a CRT adapter, and a printer all hanging off of the back of the machine. And that's also ugly.

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    It was an (expensive) option <shrug> One of the three I have came without the extra memory card. My jrIDE-equipped PCjr does just fine without the Racore (or whichever) memory board.


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