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Thread: What a treat, 30 year old NIB Amiga 500's!

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    Default What a treat, 30 year old NIB Amiga 500's!

    A few weeks ago I bought a couple of Amiga 500's at a warehouse liquidation auction. The only photo was of two original boxes propped up against a shelf. I paid a bit more than I wanted speculating that maybe, just maybe, since they had saved the boxes that they had taken care of the machines.

    Imagine my surprise when opening the two Amiga 500 Bonus Pack boxes to find that they were both NEW IN BOX. They had never been opened before! Wow! What a treat! I'm not big on 'unboxing' videos but I had the camera rolling since this was my foray into the Amiga world (Commodore 64 die hard).

    I'll have the camera rolling again when I crack open the cases to see what horrors might await. From the research I have done it seems like the through hole caps on these were not prone to leaking but the Varta batteries were. Who knows what shape these two 30+ years old NEW Amiga 500's are in? Join me on an adventure with some new/old Amigas

    All input welcome. I'm an Amiga newbie...

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    The Amiga is such a different beast but also a joy in its own right. When programming you can bang directly on the hardware just like a c64. Have fun exploring.

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    Excellent find!

    The battery in an Amiga 500 is in the memory expansion, which can be found inside the trapdoor underneath. This expansion expands the A500 from 512K to 1MB.
    Your Amiga may or may not have the expansion, but if it is present, it will need to be checked for a leaky battery.
    If the expansion is not present, or if it is damaged beyond repair by the battery, it is still possible to buy a new memory expansion for a reasonable price.

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    Amazing! While reading your post, it seems I'm the one opening it. The excitement is there. Can't help myself but to watch the video.

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    Thanks I checked and there is no expansion card. I was also made aware that the A500+ is the only model with the battery on the main PCB. These are not plus models so I should be safe.

    Looking into possible expansion options is on my list

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    I expanded an A500 to the hilt 25 years ago. What a fiasco. It took up a whole antique card table (which now supports my wife's daily driver A2000).

    A Bodega Bay makes for a neater solution than most.

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    The second episode of the NIB Amiga 500s is now up. In this video, we look in detail at the first of the two New-In-Box Amiga 500’s we unboxed last week. Follow along with this bit of Amiga archeology and see what we uncover inside a new-in-box Amiga 500. Will it work? Can we get Tetris to run? Let’s dive in and give it a go.

    The power supply is inspected, and load tested. We also crack open the A500 itself and do a visual inspection to make sure all is well before firing it up for the first time since it left the factory over 30 years ago.

    We do a quick test using the built-in greyscale composite output to verify that the computer works at all. Then we plug-in the A520 video adapter and try color composite video. Both video outputs are routed through an Extron IN1502 Video Scaler and displayed using a VGA hookup.

    In the next episode, we’ll see about using the Amiga’s RBG output for better picture quality and try to take care of any maintenance issues we might find during this inspection.


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    This is the third video in this series about the 'new' A500s' In this video we look at the non-functioning Return key and find out the source of the ‘oily’ substance on top of the key. The floppy drive is pulled out and a quick service is done. That 30+ year old grease was due to be replaced.

    After reading the documentation that came with Tetris and some tips form views, I was finally able to (badly) play a game of Tetris.


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