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Thread: Convergent / Burroughs / Bull power supplies (BTOS)

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    Default Convergent / Burroughs / Bull power supplies (BTOS)

    I have a few Burroughs and Bull (Questar) systems that have these non standard 36V power supplies from Convergent.
    Inside there is an Astec power supply (which ofcourse isn't available anymore).
    They are all dying on me and repairing it is just a step too far for me.

    So I was wondering if anybody knows how these weird connectors are called ?
    Because I am sure I can find a 36V power supply so the only problem would be these weird connectors.

    Ow and the pinout for these would be good to have too

    See for some pictures
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    Why not just remove the Astec one and insert the 36V supply you can find?

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    Because the connector is part of the PCB.
    I could desolder it but even then I would need the pinout.

    If I could source the same connectors new (or old stock) I could build it completely from scratch.
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    Then you still need the pinout.

    Do the connectors have a make or part number on them?

    It seems to me that it should be easier to repair a supply than to design and build a new one.

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    If it were me, I'd build a large 36v supply with a bunch of cables to all the modules.
    The Convergent power system is clever as far as being able to use the smallest power supply and
    stack them as needed, but you end up with a pile of external power bricks.
    Each module had its own DC-DC converter inside, with the AMP power cables running to external
    36V power bricks. I've seen more problems with the internal DC-DC converters failing than with
    the external bricks.
    I'll try to dig out my old AMP catalog to look up what that connector is.

    What sort of systems do you have?
    I was actively looking for the stuff for a while, and we (CHM) have a source license release for CTOS if it
    can ever be found to release.

    here is a picture of the inside of one of the modules where you can see the AMP connector and the plugs for the
    internal Astec DC-DC converters.

    I have a module apart, and will shoot a picture of the back, which would give you the pinout


    you can see the internal converters here

    this is what the power supply in a graphics module looks like

    found them.. AMP SDL connectors

    here is an example, but you probably want a larger wire diameter
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    Ah excellent on the connectors!!
    Not much of an electronics expert so hmm, any hints on the pineout ? (I mean, what is what, there's 8 pins and the rear row is probably ground but are all the other pins + ? noob questions probably hehe)

    I have a Bull Questar 420 (which as by a miracle actually powered up and showed something on the screen before the power supply blew as the storage was not the best).
    And I also should have a Burroughs B26 somewhere but hmm where, did find the monitor and hooked that up to the Bull and that worked just fine.

    And also should have various bits and bobs of docs and perhaps some software but there is also the "hmm, where did I leave it" :P
    Did find the reference manual for the B26 though :P Ow and a Dutch version of it (not sure if that is an official one though)
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    Small bump, anyone have any pinouts ?
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    Ha, I searched for this 283 times, and thought, well, lets search a 284th time and behold, I found the info, whoopdiedoo :

    Thanks Dr. Scott M. Baker
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