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Thread: Looking for low-level x86 assembly language and/or C development work

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    I've *heard* (though haven't confirmed) that in-depth knowledge of x86 assembly language is still quite valuable in the fields of hardware/software security research.

    Being familiar with the low-level stuff going on behind the scenes helps expose and understand vulnerabilities in everything from operating systems to CPU designs. :: :: :: blog

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    I imagine that's true. It's very useful on embedded, although of course you are looking at 8 bit architectures or ARM usually.

    Handy for debugging and for optimising.

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    I'm not aware of anyone doing anything but small-scale routines on ARM in assembly. I think C/C++ reigns supreme in that area--the compilers are generally pretty good, the register file is generous and 32-bit. There is a movement to use Ada in the embedded world, but it always seemed to be a bit of a fringe effort.

    One aspect of ARM programming is that you're generally not of a mind to fix your code to a specific processor or even vendor, as new ones seem to pop up monthly. This is where a good cross-platform library and compiler can pay off hugely. I've noticed that there's a point where more capable STM32F7 Cortex processors are actually cheaper than the older STM32F4 ones.

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    To give you an example I wrote a pretty big chunk of assembler for a high performance signal processing application that needed to use NEON instructions. Back then the official ARM compiler based on GCC wasn't very good for that kind of thing. It's based on LLVM now and maybe it's better, I don't know.


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