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Thread: OSBORNE Executive Boot Error

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    well... even after re-doing all these solder joints, it still wasn't 100% reliable, it stopped working when I moved the machine.
    After another day of probing, and inspired by the other post mentioned above, I decided to remove the transistor, tested it with a multimeter (looks ok), re soldered it in place, and guess what, it works again !
    So now I'm suspecting something like a broken trace somewhere in the high voltage section of the CRT board, because when it fails, it's just the high voltage that's not working, everything else is fine. And each time I play around that area, not changing or replacing anything, just cleaning or redoing a solder joint, it works again for a while.

    Anyways ... if I could at last get back to the main topic of that ... topic and finally debug my floppy drives it would be great

    1 question regarding the FDDs : In the osborne 1 documentation, it is said that using a stroboscopic light, we should set the speed so that the pattern turns clock-wise 90 degrees over 5 secs. I thought it was supposed to stay still, but the executive is not using the same drives. Can anybody confirm what is the correct speed setting procedure for the ALPS drives used in the executive ?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Yakeru View Post
    You are talking about isolation transformers right ? I read about them, I will inform myself a bit more.
    Yes, I was talking about those. Since your GND is back to being grounded, things are well.


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