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Thread: IBM XT build almost finished!

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    Default IBM XT build almost finished!

    This IBM XT is coming together really nicely! This machine started out as an empty case, and I was going to build a 286 out of it, but the 286 motherboard I had didn't fit! So what I decided to do is obtain a real IBM XT motherboard, and build a real XT out of it.

    The board I got is a 64-256KB mode, but I performed the 640KB hack on it, which worked out great. I also swapped out the AMD 8088 for an NEC V20.

    Here's some pics of the beast:

    IMG_4840.jpg IMG_4841.jpg IMG_4848.jpg IMG_4854.jpg

    This thing truly is a Frankenstein; It has the case and 5.25" floppy drive of a late-model XT, the motherboard of an early XT, a 3.5" floppy drive from a Hewlett Packard and a Seagate ST-412 from a DEC! I do plan on swapping the 3.5" drive out eventually for a proper black one.

    It's an awesome machine, and I had a blast putting it all together! Now I've got two XTs along with my three 5150s!

    Of course, here's some shots of Windows 1.01 running:

    IMG_4849.jpg IMG_4851.jpg

    Anyone else just love playing with early versions of Windows?

    Also, I found a Microsoft "gray-eyed" mouse on eBay for an irresistible price! This was Microsoft's second mouse, released in 1985 (the same year Windows was!). It is the 25-pin serial version, which is nice, because for the first time ever I won't have to use a 25-pin to 9-pin adapter for my mouse! This will be the primary mouse I use with my IBMs from now on. It hasn't arrived yet, but I'll post pics when it does!

    I need a green-eyed mouse too! They actually aren't worth anywhere near as much a I thought. Love old mice, especially the Microsoft ones.

    That's all for now!
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    Lovely machine, congratulations!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kuro68k View Post
    Lovely machine, congratulations!
    Thank you!
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    Cool build! What is the checkit benchmark for that combo with the v20?

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    Thanks! Here's the CheckIt benchmark:

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    Quote Originally Posted by compaqportableplus View Post
    Thanks! Here's the CheckIt benchmark:

    You should adjust your contrast on monitor. There are two shades of green intensity on this cards/monitors.


    Also 5,25" full height Tandon floppy drive would fit better there
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