After getting my two 620KB Tektronix 4907 Floppy Disk File Manager Systems working, I was wondering what is next.

In 1981 - Tektronix introduced their 4909 Hard Disk System.

Here is a link to my PDF extraction of this article announcing the 4909 Hard Disk System in bitsavers Tekniques Vol 5 No 4

Here are some of the features - pretty amazing for 1981:

- 11 interface cards to either disk drives or Tektronix 4050 users

- Up to eight drives with 768 megabytes capacity and 7 Tektronix 4050 users
- or 10 Tektronix 4050 users with five drives
- each drive has one 16MB removable disk pack and 80 MB of hard disk
- GPIB data transfer speed up to 240KB per second
- dynamically allocated file space
- variable length records
- indexed files
- file security
- real time clock

What more do you need?

Bob has a 4909, so maybe I need to help him get it working