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Thread: Looking for someone with GQ-4X programmer

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    Default Looking for someone with GQ-4X programmer

    Is there anyone on these forums or knows someone in the UK who has a GQ-4X programmer. I have a vintage Apricot PC that apears to have a failed keyboard controller (Hitachi HD6301V1C19P) and it is one of these controllers that has a little memory area inside for firmware. I need to get the firmware dumped out of my controller and then programmed intio a new one. I had to do this exact same thing to a vintage Dell System 200 a couple of years ago but the chap who helped was in Australia and wondered if there was someone here in the U.K that can help to save troubling him again.
    PLEASE can someone help me with this?

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    If you can't find anyone in the UK then I would be happy to help.

    Good luck!


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    Which Apricot PC? Is the controller on the keyboard or in the computer?

    Edit: Never mind. I read the other post and the conroller is in the keyboard. I have the Apricot PC and the GQ-4X programmer but not the keyboard
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    The GQ-4x is not compatible with the OP's keyboard controller unfortunately, I didn't think it was but received confirmation from a tech at mcumall today.


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