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Thread: Project64 is online again.

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    Default Project64 is online again.

    Hallo allemaal,

    Like me, a lot of people found out that, and thus Project64, has disappeared. To make a long story short: I found a mirror of it and after asking a bit around for takers, I decided to host it. You can find the actual link on this page on my site: I added this in-between page to cover some legal stuff concerning the original material.

    I also have tried to find out if Dean Thompson is still around somewhere. I hope to be able to ask him if he does mind using his layout. AFAIK the material on his site is not his, so in the worst case I only have to write some new HTMLs. So if you know him or know how to contact him, please tell me.

    As mentioned on my site: if you have problems with the fact that I host this site, its layout or its contents: please email me or reply to this thread. For the rest: have fun!
    With kind regards / met vriendelijke groet, Ruud Baltissen

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    Thank you so much!


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