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Thread: Vintage Printers

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    Default Vintage Printers

    Does anyone here collect vintage printers? How about vintage printer paper?
    Printer drivers, etc.

    I have several vintage printers myself and see many other older items regularly discarded as junk. I was just wondering if any one besides myself also collects printers. It doesn't seem right to collect just the computer. You need the entire working system, imo.

    What are the best printers to collect?

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    I created a thread about this same subject a few weeks ago...Not much specifically said just in the vintage printer department, but all that responded to that post agree with you about the role of printers as part of the overall system/presentation. Having the printer that came with a system makes the overall system more complete.

    I have a lot of Commodore printers, from the first PET 2023 and other IEEE's, as well as the later serial printers that came with the C64/128's.

    I also have a slew of parallel printers, the oldest being my TI Omni 800 810 RO Terminal printer.

    I have three ASR 33 teletypes in various stages of operation.

    Lastly I have printers that came with odd systems, such as the Amstrad 256, Epson PX-8, Sinclair printers, Tandy printers, Apple printers, etc.

    In all I probably have 25-30 printers. I have given away another 25 in the past years. I only like to keep one working example, and I give away the duplicates.

    My holy grail - An early 60's Flexowriter, that works. I would also like an IBM 9000 with the built in printer.

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    I wouldn't say I collect 'em; they just sorta collect...

    DEC, Epson, Citizen, OKI, Panasonic, HP, Raven, Roland, Tandy, Canon and a few more I can't remember right now... wish I could get rid of some but generally too heavy to ship anywhere; finally scrapped the Centronics & Diablos in case ya need parts.

    Not to mention the cost to ship one of the boxes of paper...


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    I tossed out a couple of Roland 1215 and their Panasonic counterpart recently because I couldn't even GIVE them away.

    I just couldn't justify the space for them anymore as I have a few narrow-carriage d.m.p.s that I use if I need carbons for anything.

    It was tough to do too since I keep all the stuff I have in working order. Talk about your workhorse printer line. The only things I ever had to do to the Roland/Raven/Panasonics was replace the occaisional printpin or the tractor cover when some gorrilla snapped one off.
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    Yeah, I've got three or four OKIs sitting out on the verandah gathering snow (and they *really* were workhorses); a shame since DM printers are still being used in a lot of places for receipts, service reports etc. Still need one myself pretty frequently for odd-sized continuous pinfeed paper.

    Ya gotta keep one wide-carriage to print all that great old ASCII art!


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    After doing the self test on my Centronics 122 Graphics, I like it well enough to be interested in another like it and or documentation for same.

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    I think vintage printers are pretty great, but sadly I have never had any occasion to own one except a portable HP-IL one that seems to no longer work.

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    I can remember when banks were surplusing their 3-head wide carriage Diablo daisywheel printers. I was tempted, but didn't have a clue where I would put the thing, nor what I could have used it for.

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    I don't go out of my way to collect them, but I've had a few come with computers I've picked up. Currently the only one I have is a Kaypro-branded daisy-wheel that I got with my Kaypro 2X; I still haven't tried it to see if it works.
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    I also did the same thing with what you did, but after I got married, I started to think again because my wife less loved it and finally I just keep it in my warehouse until now. It's really so sad


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