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Thread: Trying to IPL an IBM 5360 System/36 after sitting in a barn for 20 years

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    Should he have been standing? Lying down? Certainly not dangling from the rafters???

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    Shame about the bigger stuff that got chopped up. Really curious about the guy you bought it from though...Did he express any thoughts about how he imagined using this as a 'normal pc', or how long it took him to realize that wasn't going to work? I mean he had to know these things were old...did he just not realize they were 40 years old?

    Guess it's for the best either way, who knows if he would have saved it otherwise.

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    He brought it home when the machine was about 10 years old or so (my guess, he didn't tell me that precisely) and back then I guess "a computer was a computer". Didn't take long to realize it was not going to work because his barn's electricity wiring wasn't capable of providing enough power to it.

    Anyhow, Been smacking my head on it for the past few days. I've noticed that the CSP card is filled with RAM chips, and I'm pretty positive that one of them is bad, the one at address 7A7A. As usual they have a custom IBM part number (8493689) and the only thing I can find online is that it is a "64K ram module". I will try and desolder one to see if it matches something common like a 4164.


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