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Thread: Compatible ram/Advice?

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    Im relatively (very) new to 8-bit computer ownership, so please bear with me. I recently picked up a trs-80 model 1, level 2, and when booted for the first time in god knows how long; it displayed a jumbled mess of characters. I dont have the expansion interface (yet), so I decided to look around under the hood. Almost every ram IC pin was corroded, so I decided to unseat, clean, and reseat each chip. To my horror, at least one pin on 5 out of the 8 chips snapped during the removal process. An hour later I ordered some female headers to mount/solder to the chips that were damaged in hopes of saving them. That being said, is it worth my time to try to save them, or should i just purchace some new old stock offline?Each one of the ram chips are a mostek mk4215n-4, what are some compatible chips i can use in their place? Im not having any luck searching ebay for that exact part number.

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    not sure what the model 1 used but I see two auction on ebay cheaply selling ram chips for it

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    Get some 4116s (eBay search "4116 DRAM") and make sure the +5, +12, and -5V supplies are adjusted to within tolerance. The speed grade doesn't much matter since the Model I used pretty much the slowest ones (450ns) ever made. The manufacturer doesn't matter.

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