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Thread: TransData Plasma

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    Default TransData Plasma

    looking for any info on this hard to find luggable.. really want a manual as the one that came with it is welded together from water.
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    I have a couple different like this one. I have not found much information either. I have these in line to go through after I get my compaq portable 1 finished. I need a video card for one and the other one works but the HDD needs attention.

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    That’s pretty neat. Looks like one of those “build-your-own luggable” systems, that can take a standard AT motherboard. You would have been able to purchase these empty portable cases at one point just like you could a desktop case.

    Probably hard to find info on because it’s just a generic machine with a company’s branding on it. Kind of like when you find an IBM clone (desktop) with an odd brand on it, you usually can’t find much on it.

    In other words, there’s a good chance that TransData is not the OEM of this machine.

    Does this machine have an EGA display? I see some EEPROMs on that video card which makes me think it’s more than CGA.

    Also, you can thank Compaq for the nifty design of that case These were absolutely modeled after the Compaq Portable III/386.
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    yes they are generic cases. the video card that comes with it is a CGA/MONO switchable on the back of the card, it also sets up the 9 pin D to CGA or MONO. i just don't know where all the cables go.. as for the board this has a TMC 286-10hz with 1mb ram. i had to replace keyboard socket and keyboard rom socket and fix some traces.. i got it to post on the plasma for about 20 seconds before the psu caps let out there magic smoke.

    Transdata did have them made for there company name but its since gone.. and i can only find a ref in an article on line but not much info.


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