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Thread: Z80DIS from Kenneth Gielow - Full manual needed

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    Default Z80DIS from Kenneth Gielow - Full manual needed

    I'm just working with the Z80DIS22 and included is a small manual.
    This small manual is useful but I need some more practice examples as written in the full manual.

    You will get the Z80DIS version 2.1 from
    I use the version 2.1 and hope that someone has made a PDF from the full Z80DIS manual.

    From the read me:
    Z80DIS 2.2 04/18/87

    The full Z80DIS USER MANUAL is available by mail. I am asking a
    nominal charge of $20.00 which includes the printed and bound
    manual, postage, handling, and an update notification service.
    You are granted the right to make not-for-profit copies of the
    manual. The program itself is not available by mail as I do not
    have extensive, multi-format disk copy capability. The
    notification service will consist of a letter to you anytime a
    new version is released so that you may be on the lookout for it.

    To order a copy of the Z80DIS USER MANUAL, send a request with
    your name, address, and a check for $ 20.00 to --

    Kenneth Gielow
    79 Tulip Lane
    Palo Alto, CA 94303

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    I converted the Z80DIS20.DOC and Z80DIS21.DOC (Wordstar Format) to .ASC files (Pure ASCII)
    They appear the same except for the new DATE, and changes from Ascii to ASCII. Some spaces are
    removed, and a bit of formatting changes. Basically they are the same.

    The previous version Z80DIS.DOC (Z80DIS.ASC) are the Original Complete Document (without updates).
    I found it in Z80DIS.LBR.

    Z80DIS22.DOC is another shortened version, and appears to have small minimal excerpts from Z80DIS.DOC.


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    Thanks for your work.

    The older full manuas has 41 pages, the manual read about in z80dis22.doc shall have 81 pages.
    I don't know if more pages are more information but the manual I have is useful enough.

    I saved it to pdf at:


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